iDeal Property Management Group, LLC


“Offering you the ideal experience in renting the perfect place to call home”


  Application Requirements


-Must have been at your current employer for at least 6 months

-Provide 3 months of your most recent pay stubs. You must (Net/Bring Home) at least 3 times the amount of rent of what you are applying for

*If you are transferring/moving from out of State, then you must provide proof of employment here including acceptance letter with proof of salary and start date

-Must consent to and pass a Credit & Criminal Background Check

(We do not require a specific score on credit unless otherwise posted & listed in the advertisement on a specific property we manage you are applying for. We look for positive verse’s negative accounts and open lines of good credit being paid on time. We also look at all criminal backgrounds.

* * NO BALANCES CAN BE OWED TO ANY PREVIOUS LANDLORD OR UTILITY COMPANY, Past balances owed are automatic denials 


-Signed Rental verifications are required for all applicants with previous Rental History.

If you have no rental history, it is an automatic double deposit upon approval.

-Parental Guarantee for all applicants not 21 years of age or full-time students that depend on another source for paying rent other than themselves

We operate on a first come first serve basis for all properties we manage.

We will not begin processing an application until ALL the following information has been turned in with the Application.
** If more than One person is applying, ALL applicants & information must be turned in. Incomplete applications with missing required documentation DOES NOT hold a property or specific unit for you. And someone else could apply before you.

When you turn in an application, it must be turned in with the following list of items below to begin processing. Once we have application and ALL required documentation, we will begin processing application and the unit you applied for will be held for you pending approval. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for processing application. You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

• Completed application by ALL Applicants

• Provide a copy of a valid I.D

• Provide a copy of Social Security Card

• Proof Of Employment (3 months of your most recent paystubs)

• $40.00 Nonrefundable application fee in a money order/cashier’s check only

• Complete on our website the pet screening application (

(Even if you do not have a pet; by completing the Pet Screening Application and saying No Pet is you signing an Affidavit you do not have now and will not move in a pet unless approved in advance by iDeal Property Management)

• Signed Rental Verification Form to verify past rental history

• Parental Guarantee for all applicants not 21 years of age or full-time students that depend on another source for paying rent other than themselves

** If you are a full-time student you will apply as normal, but you must have a signed Parental Guarantee to process your application for each person not 21 years of age or have a guarantee paying the rent. Remember we operate on a first come first serve basis so ALL applications & documents are needed to start application process and hold the property you are interested in renting or preleasing.

*** Once approved you have 5 business days to pay the deposit so the Residential Lease may be completed by both parties, you and iDeal Property Management. Failure to pay deposit or communicate with the Leasing Agent processing your application could result in you not renting the property you applied for and the next application in line could be approved or person on the wait list allowed to apply.

* Additional information maybe requested that is not listed here such as but not limited to:

(rent ledgers, employment verification forms, and other information to verify application requirements)